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90 Seconds of Inspiration for Labor Day Weekend in Santa Barbara

Posted On: Friday, Aug 22, 2014 4:14 PM

This Labor Day Weekend, take a relaxing vacation in the Santa Barbara South Coast. The reason? Because you deserve it! Treat yourself and your loved ones for an extended weekend of fun, in the Santa Barbara sun. As summer slowly comes to an end, we guarantee you’ll create enough memories to last through the winter season.

In fact, thanks to our Instagram followers, here is 90 seconds of inspiration of what your SB weekend can look like:

For a perfect Santa Barbara pairing, nothing goes better with your morning beach walk than a Santa Barbara sunrise.

Video by Instagram fan @goprocab

In Santa Barbara, happiness is a dog at the beach. Trust us, man's best friend will love SB just as much as you do!

Video by Instagram fan @joseeliaz

Surfing is a lifestyle we gladly accept, especially on a sunny summer afternoon.

During your stay in the Santa Barbara South Coast, you'll feel on top of the world.

Video by Instagram fan @frostedminisweets

Stand up paddleboarding should be on everyone's summer to do list!

 Take in a moment from one of our many breathtaking viewpoints.

 Video by Instagram fan @perkinsj


Don't forget to share with us your Santa Barbara memories by tagging #SeeSB on Instagram and Twitter.

Savor Santa Barbara in Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race!

Posted On: Monday, Aug 11, 2014 9:54 AM

Food Network The Great Food Truck Race  
(Photo Courtesy of Food Network) 

Don't miss the piping hot premiere of Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race, where food truck contenders will gather together in the culinary community of Santa Barbara to kick off an all new season.

Tune in on Sunday August 17th at 9|8c, as host Tyler Florence introduces eight brand-new food truck teams, all rookies to the food truck scene. They'll start their journey in Santa Barbara with fresh concepts, entrepreneurial spirits and chance to win their own food truck business and $5,000 in seed money.

 Stearns Wharf Santa Barbara J Sinclair

Food Network The Great Food Truck Race 02
(Photo Courtesy of Food Network)

Food Network The Great Food Truck Race 04 
(Photo Courtesy of Food Network)

Food Network The Great Food Truck Race 05
(Photo Courtesy of Food Network)

For additional information and a sneak peek of the new season, please visit

After you've watched the episode, make you way to the Santa Barbara South Coast to taste your way through our plentiful palate of flavors. Dine in one of our 300+ restaurants, sip on delectable Santa Barbara County wines, or re-enact the episode and eat on your feet with one of our local Santa Barbara food trucks.

 santa barbara restaurants J Sinclair

Your Santa Barbara Summer Playlist

Posted On: Friday, Aug 1, 2014 10:48 AM


There's only one thing in this world that's better than a summer in the Santa Barbara South Coast, and that's finding the perfect playlist to pair with your vacation in Santa Barbara! The sounds of a SB summer can be found in the rhythm of our ocean shores, in our laid back attitudes, and through the pulsing sounds of our unforgettable summer celebrations. Whatever your musical taste, you're guaranteed to fall in love with the sounds of a SB summer. If you need a little SB inspiration, here a few tracks we'd gladly put on replay:

  • Vacation, The Go-Go's - While packing for your weekend getaway, this is just the tune to get you movin', groovin', and dancing your way through your Santa Barbara vacation
  • On top of the World, Imagine Dragons -- You'll definitely feel on top if the world when in SB. And why you're at it, hiking in Santa Barbara will lead you to views that top the whole Santa Barbara South Coast. 
  • Do You Remember, Jack Johnson - UCSB graduate and returning artist to the Santa Barbara Bowl, this Jack Johnson song is all you'll ever need on our sunny shores. 
  • Three Little Birds, Bob Marley - The laid back sounds of Bob Marley are just the tunes to turn up as you cruise your way down Cabrillo Boulevard on a surrey from A Wheel Fun Rentals
  • California Girls, Katy Perry - Born and raised in the Santa Barbara South Coast, this California girl has given us the ultimate summer anthem and we can't help but play it again, especially while shopping in one of Santa Barbara's 9 shopping districts
  • Happy, Ferrell Williams - Because honestly, who wouldn't be happy vacationing in SB!?

You can do more than listen to the sounds of the Santa Barbara South Coast, but become musically inspired by them as well! Artists such as David Crosby, Jeff Bridges, Brian Wilson, Glen Phillips and so many more have used their Santa Barbara surrounding to inspire classic hits.

If you're left wanting to hear more, you can listen to the Santa Barbara South Coast all day long with Visit Santa Barbara's custom Pandora Station. Get ready to be transported to a Santa Barbara paradise!

Eat on your Feet in the Santa Barbara South Coast

Posted On: Friday, Aug 1, 2014 10:35 AM

eat on your feet in Santa Barbara

In the Santa Barbara South Coast, fine dining isn't limited to reservations and a single location. We've taken the dining experience to the streets, where you can discover multitudes of signature Santa Barbra tastes, treats and eats, all while on your feet.

Begin with one of our foodie friendly walking tours:

Savor Santa Barbara Food Tours: This guided 3 1/2 hour walking tasting tour emphasizing in local foods, flavors and fun. By the end, you'll have eaten and been drinking like a local! Combining some of the oldest and newest eateries with local history, culture and architecture, you'll experience seven distinct tastings of food, beer and wine while strolling off-the-beaten path

Eat this, Shoot That!: Touring with a twist! This 2.5 hour walking tour takes guests to various eateries and tasting rooms for 8 different tastings, all the while learning how to take better travel photos as you explore our fabulous city! This tour is great for all palates and photo novices of every skill level, even the iPhone photographer.

Taste Santa Barbara Food Tours:Not quite sure where or what to eat? Considered the "progressive lunch", this 3.5 tour is a fantastic way to try different foods in some of the best eateries and watering holes in Downtown Santa Barbara. In addition, you'll learn about Santa Barbara culture, architecture and a little history. The tour is great fit for all!

Next up is food trucks:

The Burger Bus: One phrase can describe your experience while indulging in The Burger Bus, "simple yet sublime". Made with the best ingredients possible, all burgers and sides are made from local produce and ingredients. While sticking with traditional burger fixings, The Burger Bus also branches out to explore new flavors, creating burgers such as CB&JTM, a burger patty covered in melted cheese, grilled onions and seasonal Mama's Preserves jelly on toasted ciabatta. In addition, did we mention that their menu includes deep fried pickles, called pickle chips? Simply amazing.

Georgia's Smokehouse: Making daily lunch and dinner stops, Georgia's Smokehouse is the place for a southern helping of comfort food. Specializing in Southern Smokehouse BBQ, the pulled pork sandwich is a must get when visiting this truck. When picking out sides, we recommend the Bacon & Cheddar Hush Puppies, which are out of this world.

Sugar and Salt Creamery: If you're looking for a sweet treat while on your feet, start walking to the Sugar and Salt Creamery. You'll immediately send your taste buds into a sweet dream after tasting their sorbet made from raw sprouted almond milk.

Don't forget about the beverages!

All within walking distance to each other, Santa Barbara's Urban Wine Trail and The Funk Zone are great locations to sip and savor wine, beer and signature cocktails from one location to the next. Just remember, with all drinking, please do so responsibly.

5 Reasons the Santa Barbara South Coast Wins at Summer

Posted On: Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014 8:26 AM

We all know the struggle of deciding where you're going to take the next summer vacation. With travel bucket lists that are miles long, it's hard to settle on just one location. Luckily for you, the Santa Barbara South Coast the shining star on any travel wish list. While it's true that this majestic destination is great for visiting all year round, summer is definitely no exception, and we're here to provide 5 reasons why the Santa Barbara South Coast wins as a summer vacation hot spot.

1: Like any other sunny destination, the Santa Barbara South Coast provides 300+ days of sunshine a year. But what makes our sunshine even better? Our Mediterranean climate provides remarkably consistent daytime temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the mid-70s, usually accompanied by low humidity and a gentle ocean breeze. Expect to remain refreshingly cool during those summer nights. What does that mean for you? Pack light and schedule plenty of time to explore the mountains, the sea, and everything in between.

Santa Barbara Summer surfer
  (Photo By: Mark Weber)

2: In the Santa Barbara South Coast, we know how to celebrate. Specializing in festivals, summertime is packed with parades, celebrations, and plenty of family fun for all ages. In the summer months alone, there are 5+ annual celebrations that are accompanied by countless supporting events and activities. On any given weekend during the summer months, there is sure to be a festival celebrating Santa Barbara's rich heritage. So bring the confetti and get ready to fiesta!

Santa Barbara Summer Festivals 
(Photo By: Thomas Jacob)

3: As already stated above, summertime in Santa Barbara is great for being outside and relaxing in the breathtaking surroundings. Another way you can take in the great outdoors and satisfy your culinary cravings is to eat on your feet! What is that, you may ask? In the Santa Barbara South Coast, we're equipped with culinary tours, food trucks and plentiful outdoor patios for you to enjoy your eats and still be active on the Santa Barbara streets!

Savor Santa Barbara Food Tours 

4: If relaxing in the summer sun and taking a sip of a refreshing libation sounds like a good time, you'll most definitely want to make your way to the Santa Barbara South Coast. Lovers of wine can uncork their way through the Urban Wine Trail or head to the Santa Ynez Valley for an afternoon of great wines and good times. More a beer lover? We've got 8 unique microbreweries to quench your thirst. Or if you're looking for spirits, Santa Barbara's Funk Zone includes hand crafted cocktails, made farm fresh and there's even a vodka distillery on location.

Santa Barbara Micorbreweries 

5: Family meets fun in the Santa Barbara South Coast. Kids of all ages are delighted to run, see, play, and do while on their stay. Full your days with 60+ kid and parent approved activities. Think educational mornings at the museum and active afternoons in our outdoor splendor. Parents can't go wrong with a family vacation to our sandy shoreline.

Family Friendly in Santa Barbara 
Photo By: Stephan Figge 

The Bachelorette falls in love, with the Santa Barbara South Coast of course!

Posted On: Thursday, Jun 12, 2014 4:03 PM

On Sunday June 1st, fans of ABC's the Bachelorette were given an inside look to the beauty and romance that radiates within the Santa Barbara South Coast. As Andi Dorfman searched for love, she most certainly succeeded, and fell in love with the beach side cities of the Santa Barbara South Coast. From a sunset bike ride to the top of Lizards Mouth to biking along Cabrillo Blvd to a magical dinner set in the Santa Barbara Courthouse's Sunken Gardens, anyone would go weak in the knees to Santa Barbara's splendor.

the bachelorette in santa barbara
At the Bacara Resort & Spa

the bachelorette in santa barbara waterfront 
Andi on Santa Barbara's Sterns Wharf

the bachelorette in santa barbara paseo nuevo 
Getting a rose before being serenaded by Boyz II Men at Paseo Nuevo

If you didn't get a chance to watch the episode, here's a glimpse of all that Santa Barbara had to offer The Bachelorette and her suitors. Did we mention there was a surprise appearance by Boyz II Men? Yes, this is something you don't want to miss.



Take The Bachelorette's lead and find your perfect paring in Santa Barbara. Here, two is better than one and unlikely pairings make for magical experiences. Think red tile roofs and sunsets. Wine and beach. Mountains and sea. It's no wonder why romance seems to flourish under its starry skies. A city with unparalleled beauty and charm, Santa Barbara has it all.

7 Reasons Why You Need to Do Yoga In Santa Barbara

Posted On: Friday, Jun 6, 2014 3:55 PM

What makes yoga in Santa Barbara different than anywhere else? Yoga in Santa Barbara is more than just striking a pose. It's about taking the time to relax and meditating in the beauty of our surroundings. With beachesparks, trails and plenty of open spaces, the Santa Barbara South Coast is the perfect setting to finding your inner peace.

Never though of Santa Barbara as a yoga desination? Here are 7 reasons why you need to practice yoga in Satna Barbara. 

1. While visiting, you can wake up with the Santa Barbara sunrise and practice yoga on the beach.

Santa Barbara sunrise yoga

Image by Instagram fan @Mrsmilholland 

2. On a summer weekend, why not grab your friends for a getaway to Santa Barbara and teach them how to partner yoga.

Santa Barbara beach yoga

Image by Instagram fan @Breannachurchman

3. Even while hiking in Santa Barbara's great outdoors, you can still find time to fit in a tree pose or two.
santa barbara hiking yoga

4. Santa Barbara embodies the meaning of "Namaste".

Santa barbara yoga

Image by Instagram fan @EvolationYoga 

5.  The Santa Barbara mountains make for a beautiful backdrop while you find your inner peace. 

Santa Barbara yoga practice

Image by Instagram fan @Ljkroppyoga 

6. You can take your yoga to the next level by practicing while paddlebarding!

santa barbara paddle boarding yoga


7. If you've ever visited (or are planning to), you know that the Santa Barbara South Coast is the key to relaxation. 

Salty Yoga Santa Barbara

Image by Salty Yoga Santa Barbara 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you are a Santa Barbara yogi! With pride in your practice, you know there is no better place than the Santa Barbara South Coast.

For more information on yoga in Santa Barbara, visit our Yoga Wellness section.

6 Santa Barbara Activities with Breathtaking Views

Posted On: Friday, May 23, 2014 1:25 PM

If you've ever been to Santa Barbara South Coast (or follow our Instagram account), you know that we're in no shortage of spectacular sunsets, you know, the kind that make you stop and stare into its beauty. Here, we're lucky enough to experience this colorful performance 365 days a year. But, sunsets are not all that Santa Barbara South Coast has to offer. We're equipped with breathtaking views that will accompany any activity from our shores to the mountain peaks.

Here are 6 breathtaking views that were submitted by fans as part of our recent #SBStory Contest:

1. The view while hiking the Channel Islands.

Channel Islands Hiking View

Image by Facebook Fan Carol G.

2. Whether you're stand up paddleboarding or sailing, you'll get an eyeful of ocean and mountain views when engaging in our water sports.

Paddleboarding and Sailing

Image by Instagram fan @Willie49er

3. Golfing along the coast has never been so serene.

View while golfing in Santa Barbara

Image by Instagram fan @mikeynails

4. Take your yoga practice to new heights with a tree pose on top of Lizard's Mouth hiking trail.

Yoga on Lizard's Mouth

Image by Instagram user @perkinsj

5. Race along Gibraltar Road as you're accompanied by this breathtaking view.

Biking down mountain

Image by Instagram user @RootsRated

6. "Hang out" and take in Santa Barbara from a new perspective.

hangliding view

Image by Facebook Fan Lee k.

To view all of the images submitted, please visit our Facebook Page.

Santa Barbara Food & Wine Weekend

Posted On: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 1:27 PM

"I enjoy cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food..." -Julia Child

As we prepare our taste buds for the delectable flavors that will surely be available during the Santa Barbara Food & Wine Weekend, the statement above couldn't be more fitting, especially for those who live (and cook) in the Santa Barbara South Coast. The immense bounty of our land is realized each night as dinner is served and a glass of Santa Barba County wine is poured. Because of our climate, there's never a shortage of seasonal foods and wines to pair. Not only does Santa Barbara have a thriving scene of farm-to-table eats, we're also known for our sea-to-table cuisine!

Santa Barbara Food and Wine Weekend

Has your mouth started watering yet? Don't worry! You can savor all of the flavors of Santa Barbara at the Santa Barbara Food and Wine Weekend, June 6-8. During this festival, you'll experience Santa Barbara County's top culinary talent for three unforgettable days of food and wine, all set within the luxurious surroundings of the Bacara Resort & Spa. We're getting hungry just thinking about it!

Santa Barbara Food and Wine Weekend Chef

This event is meant to be relished and is a celebration of Julia Child and her lifelong passion for learning, love of eating well and appreciation for Santa Barbara's coastal bounty. A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Julia Child Foundation for Gastronomy and the Culinary Arts.

For more information and tickets, please visit


Santa Barbara Bowl 2014 Line-Up

Posted On: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 1:17 PM

The beat of a Santa Barbara summer begins at the Santa Barbara Bowl. Warm summer nights under a diamond filled sky will set the stage for a season of unforgettable performances by world-famous entertainers. Did you know, the artists themselves even request to perform at this one-of-a-kind open air amphitheater? Because of its design, the sounds of summer are heard clearly from the front row, all the way to the top. And with an intimate setting chart of 4,900 seats, guests are pleased to know that there is not a bad seat in the house.

Santa Barbara Bowl

The Santa Barbara Bowl's 2014 Season Line-Up is set to impress, and more concerts will be announced as the season continues. Whether you are planning a summer road trip or week long getaway, be sure to include a concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

  • May 15th: KJEE Summer Round-Up Featuring 311, Young The Giant, Big Data, Birds of Tokyo 
  • June 4th: James Taylor and His All Star Band
  • June 15th: Hunter Hayes with Special Guest Dan + Shay
  • June 19th: Michael Franti & Spearhead with Special Guests SOJA, Brett Dennen and Trevor Hall
  • June 25th: Sarah McLachlan
  • June 26th: Maxwell
  • July 2nd: Joan Baez & Indigo Girls
  • July 3rd: Bob Weir & RatDog with Special Guest The Chris Robinson Brotherhood 
  • July 12th: Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band Featuring Steve Lukather, Richard Page, Greg Rolie, Todd Rundgren, Greg Bissonette 
  • July 13th: Jurassic 5 with Special Guests Dilated Peoples and Beat Junkies 
  • July 15th: Slightly Stoopid with Special Guests Cypress Hill and Stephen Marley
  • July 27th: Foreigner & Styx with Special Guest Don Felder
  • August 4th: Arcade Fire
  • August 9th: Sarah Brightman
  • August 15th: Rebelution with Special Guests Iration, The Green, Stick Figure and DJ Mackle 
  • August 31st & September 1st: Jack Johnson with Special Guest Michael Kiwanuka
  • September 13th: George Lopez


Can't wait to enjoy the sounds of Santa Barbra? Listen now with Visit Santa Barbara's Pandora Station.



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